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Colorado Cargo Container Criminal Caught on Camera

Posted by Mark Artis on May 9, 2023

According to a study conducted by Verisk Analytics’ CargoNet, reported supply chain risk events increased 15% year-over-year across North America, and events that specifically involved the theft of cargo increased by 20% in 2022.

The study further revealed that the top targeted locations in these thefts were warehouses and distributions centers, followed closely by parking lots. The total loss value in 2022? An astonishing $223 million.

With these statistics, it’s more vital than ever for transportation, distribution, and logistics businesses to have an effective security solution in place. See what happened when an unwitting suspect targeted a Colorado business being monitored by Stealth.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., Stealth security operators were alerted to activity at a Colorado distribution facility. An individual could be seen approaching a cargo container on the property, opening the door, and disappearing inside. Seconds later the individual emerged, carrying something from inside the container before disappearing off camera. Stealth professionals immediately contacted local police dispatch due to the nature of this activity. Officers arrived on site quickly and could be seen patrolling the area. Follow up with dispatch revealed that the individual was located and arrested off camera.

Help Deter Cargo Theft at Your Facility with Proactive Surveillance Solutions

Supply chains are still recovering from the massive pressures the Covid-19 pandemic placed on them, and the volume of cargo has steadily increased as many discovered the convenience and reliability of online shopping when in-person interactions were limited. More volume means greater risks.

One security solution that can help prevent and resolve theft and other unwanted activity at your facility and surrounding property? Live video monitoring.

Stealth’s live video monitoring is customizable, and can easily be integrated into warehouses, distribution centers, parking lots, and shipping centers. Cameras can be strategically placed in high-traffic or key areas, and doing so allows for eyes on the property 24/7. Trained monitoring operators and cutting-edge video analytics work together to analyze any activity for suspicious behavior or potential problems, and footage is recorded for retrieval at any time.

Stealth’s video analytics technology continually scrutinizes the cameras for specific scenarios. As soon as it sees a potential match, it can alert the monitoring operator who can respond according to site protocols. Security professionals can use on-site speakers to issue a warning, or if criminals remain undeterred, contact law enforcement to intervene.

Interested in learning more about putting Stealth’s cost-effective and proactive security solutions to work at your business? Contact us today and speak with a transportation and logistics security expert for details or to schedule a consultation. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.