Commercial Burglaries Get Police Involved

Posted by Rick Charney on April 19, 2015

Business owners learned the value of real-time video monitoring the hard way in Albuquerque. A rash of commercial burglaries and thefts kept police busy with investigations after many incidents in one shopping area. But police said they were spread too thin to respond in real-time, unless there was a crime in progress.

When workers at an art gallery in a shopping center arrived one morning, for instance, they found a large storefront window smashed in, damaging the artwork merchandise. And, at least one item was stolen.

Video surveillance footage showed two suspects approach the art gallery. One used a large rock to break a window and grabbed some small items from a display case. Quickly, the pair took off. But, thirty minutes later, vandals returned and tried to kick in a door, damaging it so badly that it required replacement.

Another nearby business, according to the same report, had similarly experienced the deliberate destruction of a front window, only days before. Another area business suffered similar damage to an external window that month.

Business owners expressed their frustration with the cost of repairing criminal damages. It's particularly difficult to accept when damage is a recurring problem.

Getting police protection

Albuquerque Police agreed that particular business area saw increased commercial burglaries and exterior business windows damaged by rocks. And, police admitted that their response time to these types of calls is delayed whenever it’s not a crime in progress. They simply lacked the manpower.

This shopping center is not a Stealth client. Stealth operators can be proactive when it comes to commercial burglaries. When the operators see suspicious activity such as intruders smashing a storefront window, an audible warning can be activated and the local police called. If a burglary is in progress, the police typically respond faster to try to apprehend the culprits.

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