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Commercial Crime Prevention — The Rise of Proactive Live Surveillance

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 3, 2015

“A theoretical perspective suggests that cameras may work to prevent crime if two criteria are met; the offender is aware that the camera may be watching their activity, and secondly that the offender perceives that the risk of capture by police may outweigh the benefits of the crime they are considering.”

-Ratcliffe, J.H, from Video Surveillance of Public Places (1)

Crime prevention, especially as it relates to open commercial areas such as offices or shopping centers, is an ever-evolving field. While concrete data is very difficult to obtain, there is a clear positive relationship between crime reduction and loss prevention. The use of camera systems with proactive live surveillance enhances these benefits.

Crime Prevention

The most thoroughly reviewed available data in the United States come from law enforcement agencies working with criminology experts at Temple University. In a broadly scoped study conducted by the City of Philadelphia, they found that the introduction of surveillance cameras correlated to a 13 percent reduction in crime, with the greatest reduction coming in relation to property crime.

In a similar study conducted in the United Kingdom, they found that there was a 16 percent reduction in total crime where video surveillance was present, but a whopping 26 percent reduction in the type of crime that occurs in and around commercial areas—property crime.

Live Video Surveillance

Careful reading of both the above listed studies and related materials, reveals that the video surveillance systems deployed by these agencies are not all of equal effectiveness; furthermore, the crime prevention statistics favor those systems with a ‘live surveillance’ component versus just a reviewable recording. This is an important distinction for a business owner deciding which type of crime prevention tools to deploy. Consequently, while both systems are effective at reducing crime and catching criminals, live surveillance is clearly better suited to reducing property crime.

Bottom Line

While some may debate the level of effectiveness; there is no debate that there is a positive crime prevention effect from installing live video surveillance systems; furthermore, there is no privacy debate when installing these systems on private property—your property—so, protect yourself.

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