Commercial Property Protection Tips

Posted by Amy Hite on July 3, 2017

Commercial property protection takes more than just locking the doors after business hours. It can also be as complex as conducting a full safety and risk assessment all over the residential, car dealership, industrial, construction, and other types of commercial sites. Here are some methods to deter burglars and thieves from your property.

What are Some Commercial Property Protection Solutions?

Break-in Prevention Outside Your Property

Criminals don't want to be seen. As a result, they usually look for dark and hidden areas to gain entry. Common sites include garages, alleys, back fences, loading docks, and places with very little to no lighting. You can solve this problem in a variety of different ways. One security solution is to install motion-activated lights around entrances, roofs, roof access ladders, windows, and other points of entry.

Another commercial property protection solution is to maintain shrubbery and plantlife. If plants are too high, a would-be thief could hide behind them. Motion-activated lights may not register there is motion.

Many commercial properties pay for an on-site security guard. A security guard can deter criminal activity around your commercial property by making rounds and looking for suspicious activity. A security guard cannot be at two places at once. It is important to have all access points watched. A remote security guard can watch multiple entrances with outdoor security cameras and call the local police if suspicious behavior occurs.

Prevent Criminal Activity Inside Your Property

As is, doors are not professionally secure or equipped to deter a smart thief. Many thieves know this and can identify a business as an easy target. They can determine how secure a door is based on protruding cylinders. Fittings can be easily unscrewed. Properly installed security fittings cannot be unscrewed from the outside. Fittings can protect mortise locks and door cylinders from being removed or damage. Additional locks are another great commercial property protection solution. A complex lock takes special tools and will take more time to unlock. The time spent on the lock may not be worth it for potential thieves.

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