Commercial Tenants are Happier than Ever

Posted by Amy Hite on May 31, 2013
Video Surveillance by Stealth Monitoring

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Real estate research and consulting services provider Kingsley Associates reports that in 2018, overall tenant satisfaction increased in the last quarter of 2018. And this happiness is not confined to a single area of commercial real estate—the trend across four years shows that those renting space in the office, industrial, and medical office sectors are increasingly content with their properties. The retail sector remained steady. In addition, tenants have reported an increase in renewal intention alongside elevated satisfaction with their property management and perceived value in relation to amount paid.

The office sector showed the biggest jump in satisfaction from 2017 to 2018, moving from 84.9% to 87.1%. And while the retail sector held steady at 72.1%, industrial and medical office each showed an increase of .8% recording 84.5% and 84.4% satisfaction rates, respectively.

Ensure Tenant Satisfaction with Stealth Monitoring

Major contributors to the happiness and satisfaction of tenants, security and surveillance are of the utmost importance for commercial property owners of all kinds, from apartment complexes to office buildings to shopping centers. When clients and customers of a business feel secure, they are more likely to continue patronizing that business, thus making the commercial tenants themselves happier with their location.

Stealth Monitoring is a leading provider of live video surveillance services for the commercial sector. Our services include everything from an initial consultation to the actual monitoring of surveillance feeds in real time, and our established relationships with local police departments allow us to deter potentially harmful situations before they have a chance to escalate. Not only can our proactive security system be a solution to reduce crime and property damage, but it is also extremely cost-effective. To find out how our live security video monitoring services can benefit your business and protect your property, contact Stealth Monitoring today at 214-341-0123.