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Construction Accidents Can Be Minimized With Proper Planning

Posted by Steve Mansell on Aug 2, 2018

Construction accidents are an unfortunate occurrence. According to the United States Department of Labor, there were more than 14 deaths every day at construction sites in 2016! This correlates with the most frequently-cited OSHA violation – falls. Construction sites have been proactively taking measures to help prevent these incidents, including adding training, accountability and working with a third-party video security company. Local governments are also aware of these issues. Recently, New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) mandated workers complete 40 hours of construction safety training and supervisors must finish a minimum of 62 hours. A good portion of the training is to focus on fall prevention and drug/alcohol abuse and awareness.

Project and site managers have an obligation to help prevent construction accidents. If someone is injured while on the premises, it could spark several liability issues. Did construction management take adequate measures to prevent the accident? Did the construction workers follow proper safety guidelines? Did workers and management follow protocol during the incident? Without evidence, these cases could be hard to prove.

A third-party video surveillance company can help provide proof of responsibility for such events. Video review teams can sift through hours of surveillance footage and find clear images and video of the incidents. In one such incident, a worker fell from an elevated area of a construction site. Click the video to see what happened.

A third-party video monitoring service can also help prevent construction site accidents after workers leave for the day. These properties are already dangerous enough in the daylight, and the risk only increases at night, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the site. Some thrill-seekers will sneak onto a property after hours and climb on scaffolding or cranes for the fun of it. Using our customized crane climbing detection solution, one of our trained operators spotted a daredevil and called local police, who arrived and made an arrest before any damage or injury occurred.

Safety should be the number one priority on a construction site. It’s up to workers and managers to take all the necessary precautions to help prevent accidents. If you have any questions about live video monitoring or our crane climbing detection solution, contact us here.