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Construction Security: A Closed Window of Opportunity

Posted by Natalie Pettus on Oct 22, 2019

In this month’s video, a construction site trespasser closes a few windows and opens himself up to an arrest.

A trespasser sneaks into a British Columbia construction site after hours through a gap in the fence. The suspect enters the building and begins to close the windows. Our trained Stealth Monitoring security operators are watching and contact police. Responding officers and their search dog locate the suspect and place him under arrest.

Why Does Your Construction Site Need Live Video Monitoring?

Whether they are thrill seekers looking to explore the area or people trying to profit from stolen equipment, trespassers are a security challenge. Construction sites are dangerous enough for experienced workers. Imagine how perilous they can be for people who don’t know where potential hazards lie.

Perimeter fences, while a good first line of defense, cannot keep out determined intruders, as you saw in the video. Live video monitoring can help protect valuable assets by watching for activity in real time. Trained security operators, watching live surveillance cameras, can catch incidents in progress and take action. This includes activating an on-site speaker warning and calling police.

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