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Construction Site Safety Concerns and Worker Fatalities

Posted by Steve Mansell on Feb 8, 2018

Construction site safety is a big concern for industry leaders. Accidents that occur at construction sites have the potential to be life threatening. Adequate safety measures can help streamline projects while limiting the probability of injury. If workers and their employers fail to follow safety protocols, it could lead to dire consequences.

Worker Dies at Manhattan Construction Site

A construction worker fell to his death at a Gramercy Park construction site in Manhattan, after tumbling nine stories down an elevator shaft. According to a New York Daily News article, the accident happened just before 9:00 a.m. The victim, who was not attached to a safety line, was part of a group of workers installing an elevator car in a new hotel project.

In 2017, the Department of Buildings received 17 complaints about this same construction site, including unsecured debris flying off the building and workers not wearing safety equipment. This incident, the first construction site death of 2018, is under investigation.

Another construction site death occurred at a housing project in Billings, Minnesota.

Worker Dies after Injuries at a Construction Site

Emergency response crews were dispatched to a Billings, Montana construction site around 8:30 a.m. The victim, a construction worker, died after a concrete column came loose and hit him in the head.

According to the news piece, the construction crew was not working on the column at the time. They were going to remove it at some point, but it came down on its own after workers had chipped away at it.

Construction sites have one of the highest rates of workplace injuries in Montana. In 2016, the state had the fourth highest overall workplace injury rate in the country.

Neither of these construction sites are UCIT clients.

Enhance Construction Site Safety With Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring can help with construction site safety concerns. Trained operators can look for anything out of the ordinary, including whether or not contractors are following construction site safety protocols.