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Copper Theft — A Billion Dollar Criminal Industry

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 16, 2015

Did you know that since 2009 the theft of precious and semi-precious metals has been steadily on the rise? The metal being targeted the most is copper.

Copper has many uses in and around facilities, with pure copper making up the majority of electrical wiring all around the US.

However, it’s not just a domestic problem. Thieves are resorting to stealing copper from commercial buildings and more. In fact, in 2010 an Australian man posed as a cable repair technician and stole approximately $110,000 in copper wire and other components. Statistics show that over half of precious metal theft is done to commercial buildings and facilities. As the buying price for bulk copper metal grows higher, so will the theft of precious metals. This graph illustrates the dramatic increase in the price of copper from 2006 until now. Right now, over one-billion dollars’ worth of copper is being stolen and sold annually.

If you think your facility is impervious to this kind of theft, think again. The main target of most reported incidents is copper pipe, found in most industrial buildings. Other top targets are wiring, coils, tubing, and roofing.

Installing live video surveillance around your property, from entrances to fencing, roads and alleys, buildings, and roofs, can give you the upper hand. An audible warning can alert a thief that their presence is being recorded before they have the chance of any theft or vandalism of your wiring or pipe. Live video surveillance system can help protect your business and your copper 24/7. Even just the sight of a surveillance camera can send would-be thieves packing.

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