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Corinth Car Dealership Plagued by Theft

Posted by Amy Hite on May 3, 2013

Auto Dealership

photo by ryantxr | Flickr.com

A Corinth, Texas, auto dealership has posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those persons responsible for the theft of several catalytic converters off the dealership lot.

Catalytic converters are prime targets for theft as they can be quickly and quietly removed from vehicles. According to the Corinth dealership General Manager, a typical converter can fetch up to $100 and is removed by simply unscrewing only six bolts. While the converter can fetch $100, the dealership assumes a much higher cost. The absence of a catalytic converter renders a vehicle unfit for sale, and a backordered converter is very difficult to replace. In all, the total cost for the dealership can run anywhere between $54,000 to $84,000 according to the article.

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