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Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Security Discussions at Realcomm 2017

David Charney will discuss commercial and corporate real estate security at Realcomm 2017. Charney is the president of Stealth Monitoring, our sister company. Reaclcomm is an annual conference that centers around how technology, innovation , and automation impact corporate real estate, office space, industrial sites, and commercial real estate. The conference takes place in San Diego, California from June 14-15, 2017. It will be hosted at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.

Property managers and corporate real estate security professionals will present and discus how the latest advancements in technology, innovation, automation impact real estate operations.

Corporate Real Estate Security Education

A big part of Realcomm 2017 is their education sessions. These sessions focus on the newest technology and tools and how they positively impact a company’s bottom line. Over 100 speakers will participate in 25 different sessions. The education sessions will be specifically designed and targeted for commercial real estate developers, building owners, property managers, building managers, facility managers and CIOs/ CTOS.

Track 1: Five Major Phases of Automation

The first track is about the five major phases of automation and how it will impact commercial and corporate real estate security and operations. There will be five sessions in this track.

Track 2: Digitizing Commercial Real Estate Organization

The second track includes four sessions and centers around how technology facilitates change. Subject topics include distributed personal computers, mobile devices, cloud storage and corporate real estate security.

Track 3: The Changing Work Force

This three-session track is about the changing workforce. Technology is not the biggest factor impacting success or failure. It is the employees. Common issues within a workforce include changing technology, skill shortages, and new work ethics/ new work styles.

Additional tracks to participate in at Realcomm 2017 are CRE Tech 5.0 and beyond, Cyber – IT and Real Estate Information, and Real Estate Investment Management.


Vendors will showcase corporate real estate security technologies and other products at Realcomm 2017. Over 150 vendors will exhibit their products and services. Products and services featured at Realcomm 2017 are catered to corporate spaces, industrial facilities, government buildings, educational institutions, office spaces, corporate offices, and other commercial real estate properties.

More than 150 vendors will be showcasing their corporate real estate security products and other technologies. All the products found are specifically catered to commercial real estate properties, corporate spaces, government buildings, industrial facilities, and educational institutions.

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