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David Charney Prepares for the Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium in Dallas

Posted by Amy Hite on Sep 8, 2012

This September 11-12 will mark the 4th anniversary of The Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium in Dallas, Texas. Stealth Monitoring looks forward to their attendance at the event and David Charney’s presentation on behalf of the company.

The Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium was developed by MarketScout in 2007 to encourage innovation within the insurance industry. Since then, the symposium has drawn both creative insurance and business thinkers from around the country to discuss new insurance tactics, related to insurance underwriting, distribution, technology, and much more.

Just last month, Charney attended the Insurance Agents of Dallas Luncheon to address Stealth Monitoring services as a means of reducing insurance claims for business, property, and home owners. He hopes to advance the subject at The Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium on the 11th and 12th. Stealth Monitoring is a client-driven company; they want nothing less than the best for their customers. For this reason, they believe that the expenses of installing an advanced security system should be offset by reduced insurance costs. Stealth Monitoring’s live video monitoring systems have dramatically proven to reduce theft, vandalism, property, and other crimes, and thus should be awarded insurance rate discounts based on level of security provided.

Live Video Monitoring Benefits Insurance Providers

Just like with his presentation at the Insurance Agents of Dallas Luncheon, Charney plans to win the attention of forward-thinking insurance professionals from around the state. Hopefully, he will be able to plant the seed for change, not only for Stealth’s valued customers, but for the encouragement of better security systems all around the world.

David is currently in the process of preparing his presentation and crafting the most compelling conversation. He is eager to get feedback from attendees and open the doors for further discussion. In attendance will be insurers, intermediaries, and agents all eager to improve the complex and invaluable world of insurance. Hopefully, this summit will foster new ideas and beneficial dialogue for David and the wide range of attendees. The highlight of David’s engagement is a “shark tank” session in front of the entire Symposium and a panel of judges that will compare Stealth Monitoring’s solution and others to being a market leader and an industry game changer. Good luck in front of the Sharks!