David Charney Presents at the IIAD Luncheon in Dallas

Posted by Amy Hite on August 9, 2012

On March 21, 2012, Stealth Monitoring General Manager, David Charney, presented at the Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas (IIAD) luncheon at Maggiano’s North Park in Dallas. The topic of his discussion was how live video monitoring services, such as those provided by Stealth Monitoring, can cut insurance claims considerably.

As you probably already know, car insurance rates are lowered for owners of anti-theft systems. As insurance companies lose millions of dollars every year to car thefts, anti-theft devices as minimal as The Club are awarded insurance rate discounts. And of course, more advanced systems receive even greater discounts.

So naturally, Stealth Monitoring has to ask: why don’t the same rules apply for protected homes, businesses, and other commercial properties as they do for protected cars? Charney’s attendance at the Insurance Agents of Dallas Luncheon sought to address this question. According to Charney, utilizing the live video surveillance services provided by Stealth Monitoring can dramatically reduce theft, property damage, and other crimes, thus reducing insurance claims.

At the luncheon, Charney announced that Stealth Monitoring will be moving forward with a plan to work with insurance companies. The hope: to discuss potential discounts for end users who have more advanced security systems. Stealth Monitoring knows that advanced security technologies can be big initial investments for property owners, so in addition to offering them long term protection savings, Stealth Monitoring hopes to offer long term insurance savings.

Charney’s presentation was well-received by about hundred respected insurance industry professionals who were in attendance. Following the lunch, he was able to form some valuable contacts, who may be able to help achieve Stealth’s insurance discount goals.

Once again, Stealth Monitoring demonstrates its commitment to its clients and the safety of their properties. If you are interested in setting up a top-of-the-line security system at your business or commercial property, contact Stealth Monitoring today!