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David Charney to Present at A Texas Advisory Council on Arson

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 26, 2013

A Texas Advisory Council on Arson (ATAC) is an advisory body for the State Fire Marshall. The council is composed of insurance officials, prosecution and law enforcement officials, fire investigators, and various industrial representatives who are dedicated to working within their industries to combat the arson problem in Texas with the ultimate goals of raising awareness and influencing policies and lawmakers. ATAC is an effective way to aggregate the specific knowledge present within each representative group and combine it for the greater good.

Stealth Monitoring’s own David Charney is scheduled to present at ATAC’s upcoming quarterly meeting on March 28th, 2013. ATAC’s interest in Stealth’s live monitoring services was sparked through the January Catch of the Month video, which can be accessed below.

In the video, surveillance footage shows an arson suspect lighting a fire in a dumpster behind a shopping center and walking away, leaving the fire to grow. This suspicious activity was witnessed in real time by one of Stealth Monitoring’s trained operators, who immediately notified the local police. Within eight minutes, police were on the scene, the arsonist was apprehended, and the fire was put out before any damage was done.

Protect Your Property against Arson, Theft, and Vandalism

At Stealth Monitoring, we take a proactive approach to video surveillance. Our technicians are trained to identify suspicious activity; they can catch criminals in the act and have police on the scene before a threat has a chance to escalate. To find out more about how Stealth Monitoring can protect your property from falling victim to arson, call us today.