How Day and Night Surveillance Cameras Work

Posted by Amy Hite on August 30, 2016

Separate night surveillance cameras were typically used for evening and early morning monitoring. But today new technology has enabled integrated security cameras that are common for all light conditions and both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Security Magazine reported on day/night surveillance cameras and their mechanics, capability, and history.

Day and night surveillance cameras capture color images when there is adequate lighting. If there is little light, the video will be monochrome. Compared to low-light cameras or cameras with IR illumination, integrated surveillance cameras achieve this function mechanically.

In a "true" day/night camera, when it is day time, a physical infrared filter is activated and moved in front of the camera. The small filter is moved by a motor. A colored video is produced. The infrared filter is moved away when it is night time. A grayscale picture is produced. True day/night surveillance cameras are more expensive than other day/night security cameras.

Although the mechanics of the day/night capabilities vary among these security cameras, there is one similarity that should be noted. How the camera changes from day to night mode is only part of the total package. No matter how great a day/night surveillance camera is, a poor quality lens will lead to a bad quality picture. Another issue that impacts day/night security cameras is light. A video signal cannot be generated without adequate light.

Some day and night surveillance cameras combat inadequate lighting by collecting tiny amounts of light. The collected light is amplified to produce a visible image. Another type of image enhancement is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging captures the heat from objects. Other types of illumination devices are LED lights, laser types, and filtered incandescent lamps.

Some day and night surveillance cameras work better than others. Some cameras can adapt to lighting conditions automatically or even capture video in almost complete darkness. Some day/night security cameras can be customized and catered to their environment. These outdoor security cameras can have a built-in heater, anti-fog glass, or other weather resistant parts.

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