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Dealer Auto Theft Victims Increasing in Chicago Area

Posted by Norm Charney on Jan 17, 2018

Dealer auto theft cases increased rapidly in a span of five months in the Chicago, Illinois area. In one month, thieves stole more than 80 luxury cars. ABC 7 reported the cars were part of a Chicago theft ring that included four different gangs from the south side.

At 12:15 a.m., local police in Evanston, Illinois, a northern Chicago suburb, responded to a reported disturbance in an alleyway. Nobody was at the location when responding officers arrived. They found a door at a Mazda dealership forced open. There was an unoccupied vehicle still running and a garage door open. The office where the car keys were stored was also forced open. Thieves broke a large display window to gain access into the service area.

A manager at the auto dealership said that four BMWs and a Porsche were stolen. Two of the stolen vehicles were found abandoned. Police were able to locate the third stolen car with the built-in GPS tracking device. The fourth luxury vehicle is still missing.

Investigators said the car dealership surveillance video showed at least six suspects involved in the car dealer auto thefts. Live video monitoring was not reported.

This isn’t the first case of dealer auto theft at this dealership. Thieves stole two running cars from the property driveway.

Another Chicago-area business was also a victim of dealer auto theft. Thieves broke into a service lane and stole four vehicles, most of which belonged to customers. Two of the cars were recovered. The next day, thieves walked into a Jaguar dealership, got inside two SUVs that were being detailed, and drove them off the lot.

Police hope the captured surveillance video will help identify the suspects. None of the luxury dealerships were Stealth Monitoring clients.

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