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Dealership Defecator Caught with Proactive Surveillance Solution

Posted by Don Gorman on Dec 8, 2023

We thought perhaps the oddest Arrest of the Month occurred in North Carolina last month, and yet criminals continue to surprise and dismay. Unfortunately, dangerous and unwanted afterhours activity on automotive dealership properties takes a variety of forms- trespassing, vandalism, theft, loitering, and others.  

While dealerships are typically focused on protecting their high-value inventory from issues like vehicle theft, parts theft, damage, and vandalism, there are, on occasion, more unusual threats that must be dealt with.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, Stealth security professionals monitoring an auto dealership client in Virginia were shocked when they spotted some especially troubling activity in and around an inventory vehicle. Watch below to see what happened next: 



Just after midnight, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Virginia auto dealership noticed an intruder on the property and activated audible onsite warnings. Moments later, the intruder entered an inventory vehicle, before exiting briefly and defecating in and around the vehicle. Stealth staff had already contacted police dispatchers, and officers arrived quickly, removing the woman from the vehicle, and placing her under arrest. 

 Safeguarding Your Dealership Assets in an Unpredictable World 

In the fast-paced automotive industry, the protection of your valuable inventory and assets is not just a priority, but a necessity. Dealership owners face the immense challenge of striking the perfect balance between effective security and cost efficiency- often a complex task. Traditional surveillance security solutions, such as on-site security personnel, though beneficial, can be an expensive solution with restricted scope. 

 Enter the realm of modernized security with Stealth’s cutting-edge, proactive, remote video monitoring services. We revolutionize dealership security by integrating sophisticated analytics-based surveillance cameras with the keen oversight of trained monitoring specialists. Utilizing innovative analytics, our system is designed to identify potential threats in real-time, often preventing any substantial damage. Our comprehensive approach includes onsite audible alarm activations and seamless coordination with local law enforcement for rapid response, helping to ensure a robust defense against criminal activities on your premises. 

Tailored specifically to the unique layout of your dealership, our customized monitoring solutions make it so that crucial areas and potential risk zones can be supervised, especially during after-hours. This means comprehensive protection is available even when you are not present. 

Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that your inventory, assets, and team are under the watch of unwavering security professionals. Stealth’s innovative surveillance technology can not only help elevate safety standards, but also offers significant cost savings of up to 60% compared to traditional security methods. Contact us today to explore how Stealth can transform your dealership’s safety landscape. Your business is invaluable—don’t leave its security to chance. Discover the transformative impact of proactive surveillance with Stealth. 

Texas Private Security License Number: B14187
California Alarm Operator License Number: ACO7876
Florida Alarm System Contractor I License Number: EF20001598
Tennessee Alarm Contracting Company License Number: 2294
Virginia Private Security Services Business License Number: 11-19499
Alabama Electronic Security License # 002116
Canada TSBC License: LEL0200704