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Dealership Trespasser Plays Hide and Seek with Police

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 18, 2022

Millions of dollars’ worth of inventory can be quickly and quietly stolen or damaged if a dealership doesn’t protect it. After all, someone out to steal or damage car in the middle of the night may not think they will get caught without anyone around to see them.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a trespasser tries to hide from police by ducking behind vehicles at an auto dealership. He lost his game of hide and seek.

Late one night, a male subject was seen behind the service building at an automotive dealership. After a Stealth Monitoring security professional activated the on-site speaker to warn the trespasser he was being watched, he walked over to a row of cars and entered a blue sedan. Our monitoring operator called police. When officers arrived, the suspect exited the car and appeared to be ducking behind other vehicles to hide. Police did make contact with the trespasser and arrested him.

A Complete Auto Dealership Security Solution

Many dealerships use security guards as a way to protect their lots. Guards can patrol major access points and minimize the threat of loss. The downside is that guards can’t be in multiple places at one time. It’s possible to miss suspicious activity occurring at one location on the lot because a guard is investigating the other side of the property.

Advancements in technology have helped take care of that problem. Remote video monitoring can help catch crimes in progress. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch a dealership in real time. When the analytics sees something suspicious, it notifies the monitoring operator who can quickly assess the situation and take action.

In the video above, our monitoring operator activated an on-site speaker warning as soon as the trespasser was spotted, and it was determined he did not have authorization to be there. When the suspect ignored the warning, our operator called police.

Officers knew we were watching a crime in progress, so they escalated the call and sent a out a team immediately. Police arrived while the intruder was still on the property which made for an easy arrest. Crisis averted.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to secure your auto dealership and would like more information about remote video monitoring, contact us.