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Domestic Dispute Turns Physical in Apartment Parking Garage

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 25, 2022

For a property owner or operator, keeping staff and residents safe is a high priority. Unfortunately, there are an abundance of risks that can stand in the way of that.

Around 10:30 one night, one of our monitoring operators saw a group of people in the parking garage of Denver apartment building. Two individuals from the group were seen engaging in a physical altercation. Our security professional called to dispatch local police. A security officer in the area appeared to detain one of the people. Responding officers arrived and took that individual into custody.

Build a Safer Community with Live Video Monitoring

When it comes to unwanted activity at an apartment community, property managers assume some degree of liability, whether it’s from a natural disaster, fire or a crime. There is no way to completely avoid threats like these. However, with a proper plan and the right security measures in place, you can help mitigate damage and keep everyone safe and happy.

Live video monitoring can help safeguard your residents, staff and the property itself. Trained security operators, located in a remote monitoring center, watch surveillance cameras in real time to help deter unwanted behaviors. Unlike a guard or courtesy patrol who can only be in one place at a time, these security professionals can watch multiple areas of a property simultaneously to cover more ground.

As you saw in the video, our monitoring operator witnessed the physical altercation in the parking garage. Working in tandem with a security officer, our operator called to dispatch police. Because police know we are watching crimes in progress, they typically elevate the priority level of our calls which tends to result in a faster response time. Officers were quickly on the scene to make an arrest.

Many multifamily communities utilize our live video monitoring solution to augment or even replace their own security guards. If you would like to learn more about how we can help deter crime, mitigate liability and save you up to 60 percent on your security expenses, contact us.