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East Oakland Car Break-Ins Abound With Little Security

Posted by Rick Charney on Mar 11, 2015

One particular area with shopping centers in East Oakland is having trouble with car break-ins. In fact, apparently there’s been an average of one car burglary per day for the entire past year in one particular parking lot. The plight of the East Oakland area illustrates the need for parking lot surveillance cameras in preventing car break-ins from happening in parking lots.

Car Break-in Hot Spot

Break-ins have been happening throughout the East Oakland area including near the airport and several retail strip locations. Altogether, there were 840 vehicle break-ins throughout the last year, and almost half of that were in one parking lot where burglars have enough space to do their work without detection from parking lot surveillance cameras.

Many people in the area, including an owner of a local dealership, have expressed just how effective the car break-in specialists have been in the area.

Apparently, more than 50 of these burglaries could be the result of just one man.

But one thing that is certain, these burglars rely on anonymity to get their theft done while it’s happening. Even if they are caught on parking lot surveillance cameras, this isn’t going to help apprehend the immediate theft if no one sees the tape until hours or days later.

The shopping centers mentioned above are not clients of Stealth Monitoring. However, Stealth Monitoring can help detect the break-in live while it’s still in progress, sound an audible warning and call the local police. Many companies in the area are already starting look for their own security solutions, and it’s easy to see why.

For more information on how live surveillance can help detect and deter theft before it occurs, please contact us today.