Eight Car Thefts in Cleveland

Posted by Norm Charney on April 23, 2015

Video cameras, as described in an article on cleveland.com in February, 2015, helped solve car thefts at the Bedford Automile, which consists of about 12 separate dealerships covering 1/2 mile to the east and 1/2 mile to the south of the intersection of Broadway Avenue, or State Route 14, and Rockside Road in Bedford, OH--which is a southeast Cleveland suburb.

The article, composed by the Northeast Ohio Media Group, described how--over the previous 10 days--a (possible) group of suspects was being sought for the thefts of 8 vehicles (including F-150s, a Jeep, Audis, a Saab and a Toyota RAV 4) from 4 Bedford Automile dealerships. The recorded video did capture the suspect strolling inside a neighboring Acura dealership from a distance of about 15 feet. It clearly showed the man's height, weight, complexion, specific ear shape, hair and eye color and goatee.

This suspect has entered several area dealerships and asked to fill out employment applications. When employees left the lobby to search for applications, he grabbed back-room car keys, exited through rear doors and made off with the Toyota, Jeeps, Audis, Saab, and other high-end vehicles.

The police from the video solicited the public's help on cleveland.com and on Cleveland news programs. Within 24 hours, and after tips; they nabbed him in another southeast suburb.

This quick, successful detective work wouldn't have been possible without the Bedford Automile Dealers' Association, which suggests its members employ inside and outside real-time video surveillance. Cleveland's southeast consists of highly depressed residential areas replete with car thefts.

The dealerships were fortunate that the suspect was identifiable and located. In most cases thieves are not apprehended. Regardless, video recording only helps after the fact. Only proactive live monitoring could have helped prevent the car thefts while they were in progress.

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