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Erratic Behavior in Pennsylvania Apartment Community Parking Garage Results in Arrest

Posted by Jason Lewis on Jun 28, 2023

Auto break-ins, burglaries, and other acts of theft or vandalism are an ongoing issue for the multifamily residential property industry at buildings and communities of all sizes. The problem is especially prevalent in parking garages and lots as well. Any location where there will be multiple vehicles parked overnight becomes a temptation for thieves looking for easy access to a variety of options. 

Burglars aren’t the only trespassers on multifamily residential properties that need to be accounted for. Occasionally someone shows up and their behavior is unexplainable- and can still present risk. See what happened in one such case at a Pennsylvania apartment community.

Early morning, at approximately 6:11 a.m., alert Stealth security professionals monitoring a Pennsylvania apartment community spotted someone out of place in the parking garage on surveillance feeds. The individual got out of their vehicle and began behaving erratically, including opening the hood of their vehicle and appearing to drop their pants at one point. Stealth’s security operators contacted police dispatch immediately due to the nature of this activity. Officers responded to the site within minutes and were seen on camera making contact with the individual before taking them into custody. A tow truck removed their vehicle from the site shortly after.  

Help Mitigate Liability Risks and Protect Residents and Property with Live Video Monitoring 

The first step in preventing car theft, vandalism, and burglary issues for your residents is to make them aware of and encourage safer practices: like remembering to lock vehicle doors and remove fobs and keys from any vehicle when parked. Proactive, effective security is a key part of both prevention, and limiting liability exposure for ownership.  

Overall, onsite staff and residents’ sense of safety and security is vital to the success of the community itself. Safety has been shown to be a major deciding factor in choosing a home for many potential residents, and effective security solutions play a significant role in maximizing rental rates as well as minimizing vacancies, and impacting NOI. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive solution that goes above and beyond traditional security measures and more passive methods of protection. Our live video monitoring is a customized surveillance solution that works in real time, helping to catch events as they happen.   

Using a combination of video analytics that watch for activity rather than just motion, and human intelligence in the form of trained security professionals, our proactive solutions are more than just effective- they typically cost 25-60% less than traditional security methods and provide the highest levels of security while also minimizing liability. Just as can be seen in the video above, quick interventions can mean limited damages and losses as well.  

Ready to hear more? Contact us and speak with one of our multifamily security experts about how Stealth’s live video can help protect your property, staff, and residents in real time. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187