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Fight with Person Armed with Gun in Apartment Building Ends in Arrest

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Dec 29, 2021

In this video, you will see how Stealth Monitoring’s proactive security solution helped to deter a potentially dangerous situation at a multifamily community.

Around 2:45 in the morning, a Stealth security operator – trained on how to determine suspicious behavior on camera – saw a woman walk out of an apartment door and into the hallway with a gun in her hand. She was followed by a male. Our operator dispatched police and called the community’s courtesy officer.

The couple appeared to be arguing while the female waved the gun around. At one point, it appeared a shirt dropped to the ground. The female bent over to pick it up and violently slung it at the male while charging toward him waving the gun around. He quickly backed away down the hallway.

They continued to argue, the female moving toward the male at various points in threatening ways. The male picked up the shirt and they walked out of camera view.

Returning into camera view, the female approached the male and attempted to embrace him. He re-entered the apartment. Eventually the female entered as well. The apartment door was shut.

Our operator changed camera views to what appeared to be the community’s lobby where the courtesy guard was walking through with a phone to his ear. Police officers arrived, spoke with the courtesy officer who was sitting behind a desk and formed a team to enter the property.

Changing back to the hallway camera, the male exited the apartment, hands raised into the air as police called him toward them from the end of the hallway. The male walked toward them first, followed by the female. Some officers searched the apartment while other officers led the handcuffed female to a police cruiser.

Officers led the handcuffed male into the community’s lobby and then out into a different police cruiser. All cruisers left the premises.

Irresponsible Gun Usage Deterred Before Injury Sustained with Remote Video Monitoring

When residents, visitors, intruders or others choose to have and use a weapon on your property, potentially dangerous situations could take place. The quicker they are detected and deterred, the safer the residents and your assets will be. Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring security solution, customized to multifamily environments, helps to do just that – providing the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

As seen in the above video, one of our video surveillance cameras, preprogrammed with in-camera advanced video analytics, was placed at an angle that allowed the full hallway to be in the camera’s field of view. This gave our monitoring operator the optimal view of the unfolding, potentially dangerous scene and allowed the event to be recorded for later use.

Throughout the hallway incident, it was very clear that an individual was holding a gun and using it in a threatening manner. Our operator was able to work with police officers and the on-site courtesy officer by effectively communicating and giving necessary details about the situation. This helped officers to make the right and safest decisions to help keep the involved residents, other residents and themselves safe while helping to divert the situation.

Our operator was also able to access one of our cameras placed in the lobby of the apartment complex as officers worked together to develop a plan to intervene. Because our operator could keep watch over the situation as it developed as well as the officers getting ready to intervene, Stealth was able to be the “eyes” for the officers, letting them know the layout of the hallway, when it was safe to enter the property based on accurately communicating details from the situation, and answer officers’ questions prior to entry and during the intervention, if necessary.

Any type of unnerving situation could happen on your community’s property at any moment. Be prepared by deploying Stealth’s solution to work in real time, helping to catch events and activities as they happen with advanced video analytics. Our highly trained security operators provide the human intelligence element to our solution so that effective decisions can be made, and actions taken to help deter unwanted situations.

Our multifamily specialists are eager to speak with you about your unique multifamily property and how Stealth Monitoring can help proactively verify crimes in progress, meaning quicker police response times and a safer community overall. Contact us today.