Flood Monitoring During Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Amy Hite on September 15, 2017

Stealth Monitoring can be a key strategic partner in commercial property disaster planning and recovery, including flood monitoring. Hurricane Harvey's harsh rain, wind, and flood conditions threatened thousands of Texas and Louisiana commercial sites, including buildings, vehicles, and other assets.

In the middle of the hurricane many businesses in Houston were not accessible due to flooded streets and downed trees. In many cases company operations and security staff were not able to visit their properties. They didn't know if their sites and assets were safe and what damages they may have suffered.

Stealth remote security cameras continued to operate during the hurricane, providing live video of rain and flooded streets, parking lots, and alleys to our customers. Stealth provided real-time information to clients on their properties. The video and reports gave business owners and managers peace of mind that they knew the state of their site. They were able to start disaster recovery plans without having to wait until waters receded many days later.

The Stealth monitoring team adopted a war room mentality to provide active flood monitoring and support our customers during this natural disaster.

See the video below to see before and after flood monitoring security video from some of our Houston clients.

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