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Get Ready for Dallas Build Expo 2022

Dallas Build Expo is right around the corner. Our team of construction security specialists is gearing up and is excited to meet you there.

Construction Security Challenges

Construction sites are constantly subjected to security threats. Their open spaces are full of valuable, tools, materials and equipment that can be quickly removed. When the cost of materials like lumber skyrocketed, that only added fuel to fire and made them more attractive to thieves.

In addition to theft, safety and liability issues are big concerns for construction companies. From worker injuries and trespassers to extreme weather conditions, fire, and equipment breakdown, there are numerous threats to timelines and budgets.

How to Reduce and Deter Risks with Remote Video Monitoring

A layered approach to security that includes remote video monitoring is the best way to help protect your construction site. Trained security professionals conduct Video Guard Tours utilizing analytics- based surveillance cameras that are strategically placed around the site. When our trained operators or the technology in the cameras picks up suspicious activity, like someone breaching the fence to trespass on a site, the operator can take immediate action. This could involve activating an on-site speaker to warn the trespassers they are being watched, as well as contacting local authorities.

Because we are watching live activity, police tend to elevate the priority level of the call. This often results in a speedier response and arrival on the scene…and less damage/theft for the project.

Schedule a Time to Meet with One of Our Security Specialists

You can connect with our team of security experts at Booth 317 at Dallas Build Expo, March 16-17, 2022. We are currently scheduling meetings and would love to learn more about your issues and provide insight on how we can help deter theft, prevent damage and mitigate liability and safety issues for your business. Book your meeting here.

If you can’t attend Dallas Build Expo and would like more information about remote video monitoring for your next project, contact us.

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