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HAA Made for This Education Conference & Expo 2024 Round-Up

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Jun 11, 2024

The Houston Apartment Association’s Education Conference & Expo 2024, themed “Made for This“, was an outstanding success for Stealth. Held on Thursday, May 16th, the event provided an exceptional opportunity for our team to connect with multifamily industry professionals and share our cutting-edge security solutions. 

In Houston, Texas, the prevailing crime trends indicate a complex security landscape for apartment communities and the broader city. Overall, violent crime rates have decreased, with the city experiencing an 8% drop in violent crime from 2021 to 2022. This decline includes significant reductions in specific categories such as murders, which saw a 9% decrease, and sexual assaults, which were down by 18%​​. These improvements are attributed partly to proactive initiatives like the “One Safe Houston” program, which has boosted police visibility and focused on high-crime areas. 

Despite the decline in violent crimes, Houston has seen an uptick in property crimes, especially in thefts and auto thefts. The theft of vehicle parts, including catalytic converters, significantly contributes to the increased property crime statistics, with over 15,645 cases reported in 2022​​. This trend is worrying for apartment communities, where residents might feel vulnerable to thefts and burglaries. This data set the tone for an opportunity to share with Houston-based property owners and management our proactive security solutions. 

We were thrilled to be among the esteemed product and service providers at this incredible event. Our team relished the chance to network face-to-face, attending insightful educational sessions, and discussing how our innovative live video monitoring can save property owners and managers up to 60% on security expenditures while enhancing overall security outcomes. 

For those unable to attend or meet with us at our booth, we have a wealth of resources available to showcase how our security solution can transform your community. As the leading provider of multifamily residential live video monitoring solutions in North America, Stealth offers proactive, customized video surveillance solutions that work in real-time to detect and respond to activity as it unfolds. 

Explore videos demonstrating our solution in action at multifamily residential communities here: 

Resources: Multifamily Residential Videos 

Learn more about how our solution can have a direct impact on security at your multifamily property here: 

Case Study: Anaheim Community Sees Consistent Police Responses with Live Video Monitoring from Stealth 

Help ensure the safety of your community, facilities, assets, and residents with our dynamic security solution. Contact us now to receive a free quote and consultation from our multifamily residential security experts.  

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