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Heavily Intoxicated Trespasser Passes Out on Shopping Center Property

Posted by Erik Mullinax on Mar 7, 2024

Trespassing after hours on commercial property, like shopping and retail centers, amongst others, is already a concern for owners and operators, but the issue can become significantly more problematic when the variable of public intoxication is added to the mix. Trespassers are a nuisance on their own- but “allowing” public intoxication to go unchecked on a commercial property can pose various liabilities for property owners and managers, which can have serious legal, financial, and even reputational consequences. 

  1. Legal Liabilities: The primary concern is the legal repercussions. In many jurisdictions, property owners can be held liable for accidents or injuries that occur due to intoxication on their premises. This concept, known as “premises liability,” holds property owners responsible for maintaining a safe environment. If an intoxicated person injures themselves or others, the property owner could be sued for negligence. Additionally, if underage drinking occurs on the property, the owner could face criminal charges. 
  2. Financial Risks: Lawsuits potentially arising from incidents related to public intoxication can be financially draining. Legal fees, settlements, or court-ordered damages can be substantial. Issues like these can often lead to increased insurance premiums, adding to the financial burden for the property owner. Additionally, a trespasser who is intoxicated can cause significant property damages that are expensive to repair as well.
  3. Health and Safety Risks: Public intoxication can lead to hazardous situations. Intoxicated individuals are more likely to engage in risky behavior, potentially causing harm to themselves or others. This creates a health and safety risk not only for the intoxicated individual but also for other patrons and employees, should the activity occur during business hours. After hours, intoxicated individuals can cause damages that are unknown to property owners and managers until the next business day, potentially creating a scenario for additional injury or risk.
  4. 4. Operational Disruptions: Dealing with intoxicated individuals can disrupt normal business operations. Employees may need to spend time managing such situations, detracting from their regular duties, and potentially impacting customer service.

It’s important to note that laws and regulations regarding liability for public intoxication can vary by location. Property owners should consult local laws and have effective security measures in place to help them deal with intoxicated individuals, as well as trespassers and unwanted activity of all kinds- on their property. 

At approximately 4:15 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a shopping center client spotted an intruder who appeared to be heavily intoxicated lying on the ground on the property. Observing monitoring operators contacted local police dispatch and informed them of the trespasser and that the individual seemed to be incapacitated and was seen having difficulty getting up. Officers and EMS responded to the property shortly thereafter and could be seen checking out the individual. EMS cleared the trespasser and then police took them into custody before leaving the scene without further incident. A follow up call was made to dispatch, and Stealth staff were informed that the individual had been under the influence of narcotics and was ultimately arrested on drug charges. 

Help Protect Your Property and Assets Around the Clock with Live Video Monitoring 

In the business of selling your space as an ideal location for business tenants as well as appealing to their customers, it is crucial to adopt a security approach that is not just reactive, but proactively helps to safeguard your property, tenants, their assets, and any clientele on the premises. Traditional security setups often fall short, triggering alarms only after an incident has occurred, such as a break-in or property damage. This method relies heavily on passive surveillance tools like cameras that, without live monitoring, merely record events, providing evidence post-incident rather than preventing it. 

That’s where our live video monitoring, a paradigm shift in security solutions, comes in. Stealth’s advanced system epitomizes proactive security. It integrates analytics-driven cameras that determine actual activities rather than simple movement, coupled with the discerning eye of trained security professionals. This combination enables real-time monitoring and evaluation of suspicious activities, elevating security from observation to proactive prevention. 

Stealth’s unique approach involves custom video surveillance focused on key areas of your property. Our adept security operators are not just passive observers; they have the capability to activate on-site audible alarms and contact local law enforcement when necessary. This proactive stance is bolstered by Stealth’s established relationships with police departments across North America, enhancing our ability to deter and disperse criminal or unwanted activities as they unfold, in real time. 

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