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Help Protect Your Multifamily Properties with Proactive Real-Time Surveillance and Monitoring

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Apr 26, 2024

The impacts of unchecked break-ins, thefts, and violence on public perception of multifamily communities and neighborhoods can be profound, shaping the way residents and potential residents view their safety and the desirability of living in these areas. The effects of these kinds of crimes are not just immediate and physical but also long-term, affecting the social fabric and economic vitality of communities- and can have significant impacts on rental rates, lease renewals, and overall community reputation- and in turn, your bottom line. 

Just after 5:00 am, Stealth security professionals observed two individuals engaging in a physical altercation just outside of a Manitoba apartment community. Audible warnings were activated, and onsite security contacted, while a call to local police dispatch was made as well. Both security officers and local authorities were observed on camera responding to the incident, and one of the individuals was removed from the property in police custody. 

At approximately 2:45 in the morning, sharp-eyed Stealth Monitoring security pros spotted multiple individuals lurking in an equipment storage area of a Northern California multifamily community. A closer look revealed that the trespassers were breaking into the garages and attempting to steal multiple golf carts. Security operators contacted both onsite security and local police dispatch due to the nature of the activity observed. As police arrived, two individuals fled, while a third was taken into custody.  

In the above video, Stealth security professionals monitoring a multifamily residential community property stairwell observed an individual using a knife to attempt to gain entry into a residence. Local police were immediately contacted regarding the incident in progress and individual’s usage of a potential weapon. Officers responded to the site quickly and immediately took the individual into police custody. 

As members of the industry are well aware, break-ins, thefts, and violence can significantly influence public perceptions of apartment and other multifamily residential communities, often creating a sense of insecurity and fear among residents. This perception is crucial because the feeling of safety is a fundamental component of community well-being and quality of life. Studies have shown that violent crimes have a uniquely powerful role in defining neighborhoods, affecting residents’ perceptions more strongly than property crimes do. For example, a study of neighborhoods across 22 cities found that levels of violent crime, such as robbery and aggravated assault, strongly predict residents’ perceptions of crime in their area. 

However, research involving national and neighborhood crime trends revealed significant disparities between residents’ understanding of where crime occurs and its actual distribution. This mismatch can lead to sensationalized media coverage and an outsized impact on public perceptions, even when national and citywide crime rates tell only part of the story. For instance, while downtown areas of cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Seattle saw an increase in property crimes between 2019 and 2022, these areas accounted for a very small share of the overall increase, challenging the perception that these crimes are widespread in every neighborhood​. 

This research also allows the conclusion to be drawn that even minimal crimes left unchecked can lead to an overall negative perception of a community, making it even more salient that apartment buildings and other multifamily residential communities need robust and proactive security measures in place to help deter, disperse, and intervene in criminal and other unwanted activity. 

Safeguarding Your Multifamily Community: A Proactive Approach to Security  

In the world of multifamily residential properties, the safety and security of your residents is of paramount importance. Properties that are known for their unwavering commitment to safeguarding their communities often experience a surge in demand, which can lead to lower vacancy rates. This appeal is largely attributed to the reassurance that robust security protocols provide to both current and prospective residents. 

Additionally, these security measures can play a pivotal role in minimizing liability risks and protecting against property damage. This is where proactive strategies, like our live video monitoring solution, can become invaluable. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring system stands at the forefront of security innovation, seamlessly integrating analytics-driven cameras with a team of highly skilled security professionals. This powerful combination allows for the real-time detection and deterrence of criminal or unwanted activities. When concerning behavior is observed, our monitoring operators can issue on-site audible warnings to scare off intruders or other unwanted activity as it’s happening. In situations where these warnings prove insufficient, the team is equipped to swiftly contact local law enforcement for immediate intervention. 

The efficiency of our system is further bolstered by the fact that our operators provide real-time verification of illegal or hazardous activities to law enforcement dispatchers. This often results in law enforcement prioritizing their response to our calls, which can lead to the apprehension of offenders either in the act or in the immediate vicinity. 

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Stealth’s live video monitoring is its cost-effectiveness. Communities can experience up to a 60% reduction in security-related expenses when compared to traditional security methods. To delve deeper into how Stealth’s cutting-edge security solutions can benefit your community, or to arrange a consultation with a multifamily security expert, contact us today and get your free quote. 

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