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Homeless Individuals Escorted from Apartment Building by Police

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Apr 7, 2022

Homelessness is a complex problem that can impact the safety of an apartment building and its residents. When uninvited visitors use your community to sleep, bathe or do drugs, your residents can feel uneasy which can leave managers feeling frustrated.

Just after 4 o’clock in the morning, a trained Stealth security operator observed a homeless individual enter the lobby of a California apartment building. The subject was then seen in a corridor of the building with another person. The pair then made their way down another hallway.

Our security professional was continuing to monitor the situation and called to dispatch local authorities. Within minutes, police were at the property and could be seen in the hall making contact with the trespassers. Shortly after, officers were escorting the handcuffed suspects from the property.

Help Keep Your Residents Feeling Safe and Secure

It’s not uncommon for homeless individuals to seek refuge at multifamily communities. Their loitering can lead to more egregious acts including vandalism and theft. Additionally, their mere presence could negatively impact a property’s reputation and revenue. Fortunately, with some preparation and the right security solution, property managers and owners can help make their communities a safe place for their residents to live and work.

One such solution is live video monitoring. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch your property when you’re not there, to help reduce and deter unwanted activity. If suspicious behavior is spotted, our security personnel can quickly assess the situation and take action. As you saw in the video, the moment the intruders were spotted and the situation was evaluated, our operator called to dispatch police.

Because we are watching crimes in progress, police typically elevate the priority level of our call which often results in officers arriving while the perpetrators are still on the scene. This goes a long way to reduce damage and loss.

If you are experiencing any issues at your multifamily community, including trespassing, break-ins or damage, and would like more information about our proactive live video monitoring solution, contact us.