President of Stealth Talks Data for Day and Night Surveillance

Posted by Amy Hite on April 12, 2016

Learn more in the Time Warner Business Class (@TWCBusiness) podcast “How Big Data & Fiber Can Transform your Business” where host Michael Harris interviews Stealth President David Charney.

The podcast topics include:

  • Video Monitoring Network Growth for Business
  • Business Communications & Live Security Monitoring
  • Security Video Performance in an Internet Age
  • Commercial Surveillance Service & the Video Network
  • Business Intelligence & IP Security Cameras
  • Performance & Commercial Video Solutions
  • Strategy & the Surveillance Video Network

Charney explained in great detail Stealth’s utilization of technology and how it lead to high-quality night surveillance. The majority of Stealth's clients are monitored at night.

Podcast: High-Quality Surveillance and The Backbone of Infrastructure

Recently, Steatlh upgraded its internet capacity in their home-office. It helped with night surveillance for Stealth clients. This was done after they measured the average bandwidth used daily, weekly, and yearly. Terabytes of bandwidth was used weekly while petabytes worth of data was moved yearly.

An example of the one the sources of the data was the camera video. The 1.3 – megapixel camera in the local area network (the network on the client’s site) captured as much 10 megabits of night surveillance data per second.

With that information as a base, what happened to clients with hundreds of cameras at one location? It can be seen why Stealth required so much bandwidth for high-quality night surveillance.

With the algorithms Stealth created, the video-analytics engines that worked on a client’s site were very important. It had to know what kind of video data to send back (in real time) for Stealth to scale and measure.

Even though there was a massive bandwidth requirement on the customer’s site, Stealth had custom analytics tools that crunched the data from that site. This lead to only the important data was sent back to Stealth’s network.

Quality has been very important to Stealth’s high-quality surveillance. The high-quality glass covered the high-quality camera, which was connected to a high-quality network. It was all stored locally. The video feed was processed by high-video analytics (with more horse power), and it decided what was sent to Stealth’s home operations in real time and in low stream.

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