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David Charney on Cloud Network Value

Posted by Amy Hite on Sep 12, 2015

This video is now featured on the Stealth Monitoring web site along with Mr. Charney’s full response.

David Charney is President of Stealth Monitoring. He was a featured speaker in the Time Warner Cable conference The New Network #newnettransform.

Watch the Video: David Charney – Cloud Network Value

Host Mr. Kennedy asked David Charney: “What makes this new cloud network offerings so attractive compared to what was done prior?”

I think the two words I’m hearing consistently is getting information timely. It’s about being proactive and seeing things earlier. It’s also about data. In the past, getting data to a central repository is getting much easier. With the cloud and central storage it is an improved connectivity to everywhere and translating that data into something valuable and useable. It’s getting where it’s usable and tactical and something that is at the right level of granularity and fundamental for all the changes that seem to be going on. Read on:

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