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The Top Benefits of Proactive Hotel Surveillance

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Sep 4, 2018

Proactive hotel surveillance is an effective security solution for ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your guests and staff. Trained security operators watch properties in real time to spot unusual activity and take immediate action. This could have greatly benefited a hotel in Colorado when a bear wandered into the lobby.

During the night, while 300 guests were asleep in the very hotel that inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining,” a black bear managed to open the door and climb over furniture. The front desk supervisor recorded the activity with a cell phone. Eventually, the bear left on its own accord without causing any damage or injuries.

This incident had a happy ending, but it could have been worse had the bear turned violent. What is the likelihood that a front desk supervisor or even an on-site security guard would know how to handle the situation without getting hurt? Had a proactive hotel surveillance system been in place, a trained operator could have seen the bear before it entered the building, warned employees inside and called authorities.

Obviously, this was an unusual event. However, hotels do need a security system in place to protect guests, staff and the property itself. A proactive hotel surveillance solution is not only an effective crime deterrent, it offers many other benefits.

Remote monitoring allows for greater coverage of your property at less cost than a security guard. Trained operators can watch every camera on your property at the same time, from vantage points that aren’t always accessible to a guard or a mobile patrol. On-site guards can also be a big liability
for several reasons, especially when faced with dangerous situations.

Another benefit of proactive hotel surveillance is video review. For example, if someone attempts to check-in with false information or cause a disturbance during non-monitoring hours, video analysts can pull review footage and supply you and the police with evidence.

Proactive hotel surveillance can help you remain competitive in an aggressive industry. When guests feel safe staying at your hotel, it can translate to repeat business and referrals.

Hotel surveillance offers many benefits, most importantly by increasing the overall security of a property, giving guests, staff, owners and managers peace of mind. If you have any questions about live video monitoring as a hotel security solution, contact us here.