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Houston Man Removed from Loitering in Laundry Facility

Posted by Reba Davidson on Nov 9, 2022

Residents should feel safe in all areas of a multifamily community – but especially in facilities that helped them to choose that community above others. Laundry facilities are a convenience your residents appreciate. Unfortunately, they can also draw unwanted activity.  

Just after 10:00 p.m., a Houston area apartment complex laundry room was entered by someone with no apparent intention of washing any clothing. A Stealth security operator spotted the suspicious activity on surveillance cameras and determined that the individual was clearly loitering. Audible on-site alarms were immediately activated in response, but the laundry room loiterer carried on, unphased. The security professional then reached out to local law enforcement, who responded with haste and took the individual into custody. 

Ease Your Residents’ Minds and Help Secure Common Spaces 

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution helps deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity in and around multifamily residential properties and their facilities for up to 60% less than traditional security guards. Our trained security professionals monitor live analytics-based surveillance camera feeds, watching for suspicious activity and responding in real-time to help deter criminal activity in progress. 

Just as in the video above, when our security operators spot unusual, suspicious, or unwanted behavior, they follow client-specific protocols to sound alarms, contact police, or inform on-site security that there’s trouble afoot. Scenarios are often cut off before individuals can cause damages, create additional risks, or establish liability concerns for the property owners and managers.  

Looking for a more effective security solution for your property? If you’re interested in a proactive, customized security design that meets your specific needs, contact us