How Can I Help Prevent Construction Vandalism and Theft?

Posted by Steve Mansell on September 11, 2018

The open spaces and often remote locations of construction sites make them vulnerable to crime. A Washington police department published a guide on how to control construction vandalism and theft. In it they discussed site vulnerabilities and the most effective ways to deter criminal activity. According to the Kennewick Police Department, one to two percent of construction costs are a result of theft. Each incident can negatively impact contractors, workers, equipment dealers, manufacturers and insurance companies. Large and small sites alike are susceptible to unwanted activity and it requires everyone to help prevent it.

Theft Prevented by Live Video Monitoring and Local Police

Construction sites are most vulnerable to vandalism and theft on weekends and overnight when no one is around. They are often targeted for the heavy equipment that is on the property because criminals know that is most likely to stay intact when it gets moved. Tools and appliances are also popular, as are scrap metal and copper when prices are high.

Steps to Deter Vandalism and Theft

One way to stop construction vandalism and theft is to post signs around the property which say things like ‘Private Property’, ‘No Trespassing’, ‘Security Cameras In Use’, as well as ones that show an affiliation to associations like Crime Stoppers.

Signs are easy to install and are a good first layer of defense. Another simple way to help prevent construction vandalism and theft is to form partnerships with local suppliers and scrap metal companies. Strike up relationships with neighborhood associations in the communities in which you are building and crime prevention units in the local police force, so they know you are there and can keep an eye on things.

Construction security is another layer that can help reduce and deter construction site vandalism and theft. One of the most effective ways to monitor a site is with remote video surveillance. Security specialists design and install a security solution customized for each site’s particular needs. Trained surveillance operators watch multiple areas of a property at the same time with the help of video analytics, that will notify them of unusual activity. If they see anything suspicious, they can activate a speaker warning and if necessary, call police.

Construction vandalism and theft have been an ongoing problem for years. Workers and management need to be proactive to help deter criminal activity.

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