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How Can I Secure My Construction Site at Night?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Aug 30, 2018

Security is crucial at construction sites, especially at night. These properties, home to expensive supplies and equipment, come with unique challenges that can make it difficult to deter criminal activity.

The first issue involves a construction site’s design. They aren’t like typical businesses that can be locked down for the night. Their open layout makes it easier for would-be criminals to sneak into a property and hide among supplies, equipment or large structures.

Construction sites are also free of human presence during off hours. By their very nature, they are dangerous places to be, but when people leave for the day, sites are left alone for large amounts of time, with no one to watch them.

These are just a few of the challenges associated with construction site security. So, how can you protect your property and keep your assets safe? The first line of defense is to enhance access control. For the most part, this involves installing fencing around the perimeter. It also means using authorized access control points for all crucial areas, including entrances, offices and equipment storage facilities and making sure that all workers have clear identification tags.

Lighting is another crucial physical deterrent to help secure a construction site at night. Simply having the right light in place can be enough to keep would-be criminals away. It eliminates hiding places and increases the chances of being spotted.

Remote video surveillance can be a very effective security solution. Trained construction site security operators watch properties in real-time. If they see something suspicious, they can activate an audio warning and call local authorities, often deterring crime before it happens.

Click the video bellow to see UCIT’s live video surveillance solution in action.

Given the many challenges to securing a construction site, it takes unique measures to help create a safe environment.

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