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How Can You Help Protect Your Car Dealership?

Posted by Norm Charney on Sep 23, 2019

Car dealerships present a big security challenge. Typical businesses that have valuable inventory can lock it safely away inside. Not so for dealerships who are relegated to keeping millions of dollars in product sitting outside. Easy targets for thieves. This makes the right security solution even more critical.

Take a look at what happened at this dealership in Carrollton, Texas.

Multiple individuals appeared to be removing items from several vehicles on the lot. Our trained security operators were watching and immediately activated the on-site speaker alarms and called police. Responding officers arrived and apprehended the suspects.

Car Parts Are King

According to a report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), many of the vehicles that were stolen and recovered in 2017 were missing parts, including wheels, catalytic converters and rims. Today’s cars are equipped with expensive technology and parts, and thieves are looking for anything that sells. Get something for free and make money for it.

As previously mentioned, it is virtually impossible for car dealerships to lock away its expensive inventory inside. So, what can they do to reduce theft, vandalism and other criminal activity? Here are a few key tips.

Top Tips for Safeguarding Your Dealership

1. Maintain Proper Lighting

Because criminals prefer to work where they can’t be easily spotted, bright lights are a must for lots and showrooms. The lights can help eliminate shadows and potential hiding spots.

2. Keep Keys Safely Locked Away

Make sure all keys are stored in a secure place like a vault. Then, at the end of the day, do an inventory to ensure all keys are accounted for. Never leave keys in the ignition or in the glove box.

3. Fully Vet Employees

Who knows better where the keys are stored or where the cameras are pointing than your staff? It becomes easy for them to be an accomplice who can share in the rewards. Make sure you perform comprehensive background checks on everyone who works at your dealership, full time as well as contractors.

4. Monitor the Lot with Live Video Surveillance

The dealership in the video above is a great example of how live video monitoring can help protect your valuable assets. Because most stolen vehicles are never reclaimed, it’s important to help prevent theft before it happens. That said, simply installing cameras may not be enough to deter criminals. With a proactive solution like live video monitoring, trained security operators watch your property in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning and call police. This increases the odds that the criminals will be caught while still at your place of business.

Criminals are being lured to dealerships because many are easy targets. Expensive inventory is left out in the open. The rising cost of car parts can be lucrative for them, as well. Live video monitoring is a cost-effective way to help protect your valuable assets. For more information about our proactive security solutions for auto dealerships, contact us.