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How Proactive Security Measures Can Impact Reputation Management

Posted by Joseph Curd on Jan 25, 2022

Bottom line: Your residents’ happiness affects your community’s reputation. Residents who feel safe and secure, have access to useful amenities, and know that property staff truly care for their well-being, are the happiest residents. These residents will sing your community’s praises from the rooftops. Word of mouth referrals will spread. Online ratings will soar to new heights.

The inverse is also true. Residents who feel unsafe, or that the property manager doesn’t care, will rip your community’s positive reputation right out from under your feet. Residents will talk. Rumors will fly. Online ratings will flop. These are expensive problems to resolve.

How can multifamily owners and operators keep a positive reputation about themselves and their communities? It’s simple … keep focused on reputation nurturing and have a plan for 2022.

What’s New for 2022?

For the overall multifamily market, quite frankly, the answer is “not too much.” Last year, multifamily experienced robust, record-breaking growth.

It has been predicted
that 2022 will be a continuation of 2021 in terms of recovery with some economic uncertainty still lingering. Increasing inflation is a concern, police response times in certain cities remains unreliable, not to mention lingering effects of the pandemic. Any of these may directly impact apartment owners and operators, but as of now, the multifamily residential market is solid and meeting unprecedented high demands.

Emerging from multifamily market happenings of 2021, three hot, new trends have resulted. Each creates unique experiences for residents and prospects. Incorporating the following trends into your 2022 plans can help boost your community’s reputation as a property that is dedicated to residents’ well-being, happiness and safety:

  1. There is a continued focus on health and wellness as the world continues to rebound from the pandemic. As such, contactless, self-guided tours of model units are becoming increasingly popular.
  1. 33% of property managers plan to make value-add updates to their communities and 24% plan to expand amenities and services provided to residents, according to an industry report by Buildium. Remember, at the end of the day, the happier and more satisfied your residents are, the more positive your community’s reputation will be.
  1. Increased technology and new, evolving uses will help increase safety and security across communities. In fact, 30% of property managers are using technology to increase residents’ satisfaction, based on the previously mentioned Buildium survey.

Live Remote Monitoring Helps Keep Your Reputation Positive

So, think outside of the box. What updates, amenities and services can you add in 2022 that are useful, cost effective, easy to incorporate, and helps keep or establish a positive reputation for your community? How can you add security and peace of mind, especially in rougher markets? Is crime impacting you?

One simple answer is Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution. Our solutions are preventative and proactive. Would you rather prevent the mess or clean it up?

Useful: Our live remote monitoring is the most effective proactive, preventative security solution available today.

Cost-effective: Our solution can save you up to 60% on your security expenses.

Easy to incorporate: Our team of multifamily security specialists are dedicated to creating the perfect security solution just for your community. Our team stays in consistent contact with property owners and managers to help them achieve their security goals.

Reputation management: Deploying our solution positions you to protect the community’s safety and security; preventing recurring crime and damages helps avoid the worst types of negative feedback.

Our solution is preventative. We use a combination of technology, advanced video analytics and human intelligence to help deter unwanted situations and behaviors before it results in undesirable outcomes. We are proactive in helping to avoid unwanted incidents.

Plus, our solutions create peace of mind. Residents will know you take security and safety seriously. Property owners and managers will have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best security possible for their residents, employees and assets.

Contact our team of multifamily specialists to help keep your vacancy low, rental rates high and reputation positive by focusing on technology that improves and sustains your resident’s satisfaction.