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How Thermographic Cameras and Video Surveillance Can Help Protect Your Scrap Facility

Posted by Jason Showen on Oct 6, 2021

Fires continue to be major issues for scrap and recycling facilities. It’s no wonder, considering the amount of spark-producing equipment and combustibles that can be found there.

Recently, a fire broke out at one of North America’s largest processors and distributors of scrap and secondary metals. It took five fire departments 13 hours to extinguish 80,000 tons of burning scrap metal. Not only was this a disastrous blow to the scrap facility, but it also greatly impacted its neighbors who were asked to shelter at home, turn off their HVAC systems and shut their windows to help prevent respiratory issues that could result from the large plume of smoke billowing from the blaze.

Scrap Yard Fire Risks and Solutions

Those in the industry are all too familiar with the hazards and devastating consequences that fires can cause. From cleaning, repair and remediation costs to downtime and higher insurance premiums, the damage can ruin a business. Even though you may not be able to eliminate fire risks completely, you can reduce the chances of a catastrophic outcome.

One of the best ways to do that is by catching a fire early, before it completely engulfs your entire facility. How is that possible? You can’t be on your property 24/7 and even when you are, you can’t be in all places at the same time.

That’s where video monitoring and thermographic cameras come into play. These cameras use thermal imaging technology to detect even the slightest increase in temperature which might indicate a potential fire. When any trace of heat is detected, the cameras trigger an alarm and our remote surveillance professionals quickly jump into action to report the fire before it potentially spreads.

Remote Video Monitoring Can Help Protect Your Assets

We provide a fully integrated security solution. In addition to monitoring thermal imaging cameras, our remote video surveillance can also help protect your property from other unwanted activity when you’re not there, including trespassers and thieves looking to steal scrap materials. Many of our customers have been able to reduce and/or eliminate their costly on-site guard services and are getting better results.

While remote video monitoring is not specifically designed as a fire prevention tool, it can help spot one, as well as help deter other suspicious activity. Don’t become a fire statistic. If you would like more information about live video monitoring or thermal imaging cameras for your business, contact us.