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How to Help Stop Inventory Theft with Key Management Policies

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Aug 27, 2021

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At your dealership, where are your keys stored? Are they hanging on a pegboard? Do your salespeople put keys into their pocket or simply toss them onto their desk after a test drive? Security is one of the top priorities for an automotive dealership – one part of which is a strong key management strategy to help prevent inventory loss as well as customer vehicle thefts.

When you download this whitepaper, “Advanced Key Management,” you will learn about basic and advanced key management policies along with training procedures for your managers and staff.

Basic Key Management Policies

To help maintain security, a dealership needs to know who has access to its keys and when they are distributed. It’s important to have a process in place in case a key is stolen or lost. If you don’t already have policies mapped out, this guide contains a checklist to get you started.

Advanced Key Management Strategies

Today’s thieves are becoming more sophisticated. From key swapping to key fob mirroring, it’s crucial to protect smart keys and keyless entry systems from these new threats. There are several ways you can decrease the possibility of key theft and many products on the market that can help you accomplish that. This paper will delve into more details.

Training Procedures for Managers and Employees

So now that you have your policy written and in place, it’s time to teach it to your employees. Included in this white paper are five “key commandments” that outline the strategies required in every effective key management policy. These rules will help guide your daily operations and your overall business security strategy.

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