How to Take the Cannabis Dispensary from Good to Amazing

Posted by Mark Mariotti on May 15, 2019

What comes to mind when you think of a cannabis dispensary? Many folks think of them as drab, dark, dank, and dull. That’s not the reality today as design plays an important role for a cannabis dispensary. The legalization of cannabis in some states is helping dispensaries move away from the stigma of being shady places from its pre-legalization days.

Award-winning cannabis interior designer and founder of High Road Design Studio Megan Stone's designs are proof of that. A store's design can positively affect the experience, boost revenues, and compel customers to return.

She tells Leafly that her first store redesign had a profound impact on shoppers. Stone believes the environment needs to capture the spirit of how these products make a difference in patients' lives.

Start with the Cannabis Dispensary Exterior

In the Leafly story, Stone explains that the experience begins in the parking lot. The exterior of the store offers many visual cues that can affect the prospective customer's decision to park and walk in the store.

Effective exterior design reflects the neighborhood, city, and store's brand. You wouldn't use flashy colors and design in a city known for its conservative nature. Yet, those bright colors could thrive in a city with a quirky style.

An important thing is that it needs to be well-lit and reassure the customers so they feel safe, especially at night. Since Cannabis dispensary security usually requires remote video monitoring, that will help reassure customers. Put those cameras out in full view to scare off potential thieves and comfort customers.

Set the Tone with Design

First-timers to the dispensary may feel nervous and uncomfortable. As shoppers enter, they want to feel like they're in a warm and inviting space that welcomes them and puts them at ease.

The first thing to consider is color. White may feel too sterile and remind shoppers of a hospital. On the other hand, the Apple Store is known for using a lot of white space and some dispensaries have copied that style. However, trying to look like Apple could take away from the store's own brand.

Color choice depends on the store's branding and the kind of atmosphere it wants to present. Energetic? Warm? Calming? Each of those call for a different color.

One of the best ways to boost cannabis retail store profits is to sell add-ons and higher-margin products. According to Free Money by Vice article, these products can comprise 15 percent of the store's profits.

Create Experiences

To foster browsing and asking questions, simplify the interior for easy navigation. Employees play a large role in the experience in how they act and dress. Staff training can help them understand the brand and how they can best represent it in the store.

Some stores extend the retail experience by holding free classes, seminars, and entertainment. These encourage customers to stay and return. Starbucks doesn't just serve coffee people love. They create a setting that inspires people to stay and to use it as a meeting place. Some coffee shops present entertainment encouraging people to buy more while they enjoy the show.

A store will also want to have a set up for quick drop-ins. Perhaps, use a combination of a mobile app and a website to allow customers to pre-order and quickly pick up their orders.

Design does so much more than give a dispensary its looks. Design affects and reflects the mood, energy, and brand. It also helps direct customers to where they need to go with little effort. Create the kind of atmosphere you'd want to be in when browsing the store. That's what makes customers happy and keeps them coming back.

A key component for a store's success is complying with cannabis dispensary security rules and regulations. One of the top tips is to work with companies that have experience in the cannabis industry. We've installed and implemented live video monitoring at dispensaries. To learn more, please contact us.

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