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Intruder in Restricted Dealership Area After Hours Arrested

Posted by Erik Mullinax on Sep 16, 2022

Dealerships and other automotive spaces that maintain a large inventory of vehicles have a unique set of security concerns. After all, most commercial businesses don’t keep their valuable inventory outdoors where it can be easily accessed by thieves or vandals.

In this Arrest of the Month video, an intruder manages to breach typical security measures and access a restricted area after hours, where he’s later taken into police custody.


Late at night, and long after operating hours, a suspicious male was noticed repeatedly caressing the hood of a vehicle in a restricted area. Moments later, he’s spotted pulling on the passenger side door handles. A sharp-eyed Stealth security operator who observed these activities made a call to local police. Officers arrived swiftly to place the man under arrest for loitering on the property.

Boost Dealership Security Measures with a Proactive Solution

Who knows what the intruder in the video above intended to do on the property if he was left unchecked? Typically, the mystery would have to be unraveled in the morning, perhaps after damages, theft, or vandalism had already occurred.

The good news is that security technology has evolved to help deter crime before it happens. Remote video monitoring goes beyond traditional security surveillance measures, combining both the technology of analytics-based cameras and the human intelligence of trained security operators. These trained security professionals monitor feeds to watch for suspicious activity and can take action when they see something out of place.

Determined thieves won’t necessarily be deterred by signs, gates, locks, or even visible cameras. However, with live monitoring and video verification of suspicious activity in progress, law enforcement typically raises the priority level of a call made by one of our operators. Just as you’ve seen in the video above, this means officers often arrive in time to take trespassers into custody and minimize damages or loss.

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