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IP vs. Analog Security Systems

Posted by Amy Hite on Oct 11, 2012

It is common knowledge that security systems use cameras to transmit videos to televisions in order to monitor sites, but exactly how this is accomplished is less obvious.

Analog Systems

Traditionally, security systems operated using analog cameras, and analog cameras must maintain compatibility with analog televisions in order to successfully broadcast their video. This means that such cameras record videos at industry-regulated resolutions (0.1 to 0.2 megapixels) that are then transferred through coax cables to analog televisions. The resulting video have a tendency to be “noisy” and generally of poor quality, but the benefit is that analog recordings are not overly expensive to make and watch.

Analog cameras have been around for decades and have become outdated as new technologies continue to improve and become more cost effective. Traditional analog cameras are used in CCTV (closed circuit television systems) which by definition are closed to that network. With the internet connecting to newer systems, the remote capabilities and benefits have exponentially grown.

IP Systems

IP cameras are used for many reasons and have become commonplace technology compared to antiquated analog cameras in today’s security industry. One of the biggest differences lies in their ability to record at much higher resolutions often producing live and historical images five to ten times clearer. These recordings can be transmitted digitally over the Internet, which opens up many opportunities including wireless capabilities.

The cameras themselves can be connected to network servers via wireless transmitters and receivers. Computers on the other end can even be equipped with software to control the cameras remotely. In the security industry, this translates to sharper, larger images that can be zoomed in to provide much-needed details of recorded scenes.

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