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Joyriding Around a Construction Site

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Jan 20, 2020

In this video, a trespasser takes a piece of equipment for a ride around a construction site after hours. He ends up taking a ride in a police car.

Just before 3 a.m., a trained Stealth security operator spotted a person entering a Niagara Falls construction site, then walk towards a piece of heavy machinery. He started the equipment and maneuvered it around the empty site. He eventually stopped in front of one of the units under construction and proceeded to cause damage.

Our operator contacted Niagara Regional Police Service while continuing to keep a close watch on the site. Police officers arrived within minutes. They checked the site, intercepted the suspect and placed him under arrest.

Deter Theft and Mitigate Liability

Unauthorized visitors on a construction site are not only problematic, they can be a liability. Trespassers can impact timelines and costs if they injure themselves or your project.

Live video monitoring can help deter criminals and mitigate liability issues while protecting equipment and other assets. Trained security operators can monitor surveillance cameras in real time to watch for suspicious activity. If they see anything suspicious, they can activate on-site speakers to deter trespassers or call police if the situation warrants. Our proactive solution helps construction companies manage risk and lessen liability.

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