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Kansas City Apartment Crime Up

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on May 24, 2015

People living at an apartment complex in Kansas City, MO are telling the local news media that they are sick and tired of finding their cars vandalized. This apartment crime creates bad publicity for the owners and managers.

According to one female building resident, on two separate occasions within the month, autos were subjected to slashed tires, or–worse–were subject to theft. In fact, the police opinion was that car theft was behind the vandalism. The intruders, said police, wouldn’t likely break into the cars unless their goal was to drive them out of the parking lot illegally.

Windows of several vehicles were smashed. One irate resident complained that his car had been ransacked, the ignition switch was ripped off and the front console of the car was severely damaged. Two of the cars will no longer start and they’ve sustained several hundred dollars of damage.

The only clues that the suspects left were a crowbar, some gloves and a pack of cigarettes. There was no video footage of the attempted theft and vandalism for either attempt.

Residents are calling for apartment crime prevention. Since the criminal activity occurs at night, they say better lighting on the lot will help. Crooks like to use the cover of darkness to mask their activity. Police are asking the public to assist them by providing information.

This apartment complex is not a client of Stealth Monitoring. Real-time proactive video monitoring can deter apartment crime by keeping apartments and vulnerable parking lots under live surveillance. Stealth operators can activate an audible warning or call the local police when suspicious activity is seen. Recordings of live videos can be used after crimes to identify and apprehend criminals.

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