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Late Night Laundry Thief Caught on Camera

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Oct 14, 2022

Multifamily residential communities that offer laundry facilities onsite are presenting a huge perk to their renters. It’s an attractive amenity, and one that members of the community likely appreciate the convenience of. Unfortunately, bad actors can see shared laundry facilities as a target for theft and vandalism. 

In the above video, an alert Stealth security professional noticed a man entering the laundry facilities of an apartment community nearing 4:00 a.m. Our operator took a closer look, and far from getting a head-start on the day’s chores, the individual was clearly tampering with the washing machine on camera.  

Due to the nature of the activity that the operator observed, they quickly contacted local police and informed them of the attempted theft occurring on camera. Responding officers arrived shortly after, located the individual, and immediately taking them into custody.  

Safer Communities for Your Residents Require Innovative Security Solutions 

Security – both of themselves and their property, is one of the most critical factors potential renters consider when selecting a community to live in. When residents aren’t sure whether the amenities they’re paying for are safe, well-maintained, and secure, they may choose now to renew, or select a different community altogether.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution. With proactive monitoring of live feeds, our innovative solution can save up to 60% on security costs versus traditional guards and can help deter and disperse criminal activity before damages can occur. 

Just as in the above video example, when our monitors spot suspicious activity, they follow site protocols and call authorities. This led to the quick police response and arrest of the person attempting to steal from the laundry facilities and prevented additional damages.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how our live video monitoring solution can help your community feel safe and secure, contact us for details.