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Late Night Verbal Altercation Leads to Double Arrest

Posted by Eric Nauta on Sep 20, 2022

The residents in your multifamily community aren’t likely to appreciate being woken in the middle of the night or early morning– to the sounds of a couple screaming at one another in the parking lot. If this becomes an ongoing issue, your property may become less desirable to renters. 

Just after 2:30 in the morning at an Oklahoma community, two individuals were spotted by one of our security professionals having what appeared to be a verbal altercation in the parking lot. The two were moving around a vehicle, opening and shutting doors, and continuing to argue. The alert Stealth security operator attempted to contact the on-site security officer, but no one answered at the number provided.  

Due to the nature of the behavior being observed, our operator contacted local police, who were dispatched to the area minutes later and were seen taking both individuals into custody and placing them into patrol cars.  

Help Your Residents Maintain Quiet Enjoyment at Your Apartments 

Property owners and managers are responsible for maintaining properties in habitable condition and respond to problems that reduce livability regardless of the type of lease agreement. This includes issues caused by someone under a landlord’s control, such as other residents.  

Residents causing a ruckus that could wake other community members in the middle of the night qualifies as an issue that impacts quiet enjoyment. In some states, costs and damages associated with moving out of a rental unit because of breaching quiet enjoyment can fall to the landlord as well. 

The last thing you want is the behavior of a few residents to negatively impact your entire community. When you implement a proactive security solution like live video monitoring, you can help reduce unwanted behaviors and catch problematic situations before they escalate into a major issue.  

Just as in the above video, when Stealth’s trained security professionals are watching, they can evaluate a situation or suspicious behavior and take action quickly. Live video monitoring uses the combination of analytics-based cameras with human intelligence to help deter unwanted and potentially dangerous activity in progress, before the damages occur.  

Our security operator contacted police quickly, leading to a timely dispatching of officers and removal of the offenders before the situation could escalate further.  

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