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Laundry Room Vandalism — Man Tampers with Surveillance Camera

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Sep 8, 2020

Why should you make safety a priority in your laundry room?

Around 4:30 in the morning, a Stealth Monitoring security operator observed an individual enter the laundry room of a Dallas apartment complex. He removed a tool from his backpack and climbed on top of one of the machines. The masked suspect disabled the surveillance camera. Our operator contacted police immediately. Within minutes, officers were on the property to investigate.

Laundry Room Vandalism and Theft Can Be Costly

Theft and vandalism in your community laundry room is a concern for both you and your residents. Not only will you be out the cost of repairs, but when residents don’t feel safe, they will be more likely to move. Attracting new ones could also be a challenge. Who wants to live somewhere they don’t feel safe?

Additionally, injuries from slip and fall accidents can occur, especially with older residents. That brings up potential liability cases if someone is injured because of something that could have been prevented.

Protect Your Investment

While no laundry facility can be completely free from crime, you can take preventive measures to help minimize risk while keeping residents and equipment safe. Live video monitoring is one such measure.

This proactive security solution combines analytics-based surveillance cameras with human intelligence. When the cameras pick up suspicious motion, they alert trained security operators who can assess the situation in real time and respond immediately. Our video review department is also available to prepare edited video of any activity that occurs. This can save you valuable time and effort when having to respond to police or insurance investigation requests.

In addition to laundry facilities, many multifamily communities place cameras in other common areas including mail rooms, fitness centers, pools and parking lots/garages. Our solution has been effective at helping properties:

  • Reduce security and property damage costs
  • Deter and reduce crime often before it occurs
  • Increase marketability
  • Raise rents
  • Increase NOI

When residents see you are making their safety a priority, it may help to set your community apart from others who don’t.

For more information about live video monitoring for your community, contact us.