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Law Enforcement Agencies Seek Increased Access to Surveillance Footage

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 27, 2013

Having immediate access to live video surveillance footage of in-progress crimes has proven to be an effective way to minimize damage and apprehend suspects, and police agencies across the country are eager to gain access to the live video feeds of many cameras already installed throughout their cities.

While police have always asked businesses for any recorded footage that may help in an investigation, a number of those arrangements have evolved into formal programs in which cameras are registered with local agencies. This allows them to quickly refer to cameras in the vicinity of reported incidents and understand exactly what the circumstances of the crime are before the officers arrive on scene.

In Ventura, CA, for example, law enforcement agencies are capable of tapping into cameras remotely from command centers. When a crime is reported, “the CAD [Computer Aided Dispatch] system scans the registered cameras…If the system finds cameras that cover the location of the call, a flag with an address pops up on the screen in the vehicle of the responding officer, who will then contact the owners of the cameras by phone, e-mail or in person.” In Atlanta, GA, 1,700 public and private camera feeds are currently linked to a central station and the goal is to raise that number to 14,000 within five years.

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