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Live Video Monitoring Results in Police Arrest of Drug Users in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Nov 5, 2021

Common area laundry rooms in apartment communities are often an area of repetitive security challenges. The problems owners and management companies come to Stealth Monitoring for help with are transients breaking in and loitering, illegal drug use, drug dealing and laundry theft during regular hours of operation.

The traditional role of a courtesy patrol officer is to ensure doors are locked at night and opened in the morning, depending on their hours and schedule they are also expected to patrol these areas. They are very limited in the time they can spend near the laundry room and problems inevitably persist.

Whether it’s a resident stumbling across a transient in the morning or the maintenance manager discovering needles and drug paraphernalia left behind, this is a problem that needs a better security solution than a courtesy patrol that is not only costly, but it is also largely ineffective in comparison to live video monitoring.

The following video demonstrates how Stealth’s live video monitoring solution can be a better alternative to courtesy patrol services.

In the early morning hours, a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator observed two individuals carrying some items enter a common room of a multifamily residential community. At 2:22 a.m., the individuals ducked under the mounted wall counter.

Continuing to watch, our operator saw that the individuals appeared to be taking an illegal substance. Our operator called the on-call courtesy patrol service but was routed to voicemail. The apartment community had a current letter of agency on file with the local Police Department where they were immediately contacted and given a detailed description of each trespasser, as well as the location of the individuals by our operator.

Two police officers entered the room and handcuffed both trespassers. Two other officers arrived to help inspect the suspects’ items while the first two officers led the suspects out of the common room and placed them into police cruisers.

Residents Will Recognize Their Community Favors Their Safety Most of All by Deploying Stealth’s Live Video Monitoring Solution

Unwanted behaviors such as illegal drug use on properties can pose dangers as well as a sense of insecurity to residents. This can be detrimental to multifamily communities. Should residents’ security and safety feel compromised, rental rates could decrease and vacancies increase. To help build value within your community, maximize rental rates and minimize vacancies, deploy Stealth’s customized, proactive security solution to show current and future residents that their security and safety is most important.

Stealth’s advanced video analytics make it possible for technology to constantly filter through video, searching for events that could need human intervention. Should such an event be discovered, our technology alerts trained Stealth Monitoring security operators, who can immediately assess the situation taking place and take necessary action to deter it. This helps to ensure no unwanted situation goes unseen and is proactively handled to deter unwanted behaviors on your property.

As seen in the above video, our video surveillance solutions work in real time. This means events are caught as they happen, not just recorded, watched and analyzed after the fact. Our operator saw exactly when the two individuals entered the common area and used our technology, pre-programmed with advanced video analytics, to further assess the unfolding situation.

Our operator determined that calling the on-site guard was necessary to help deter a potentially unsafe situation. However, when the guard was called, our operator was routed to voicemail. Using human intelligence to make an immediate decision as to what to do next, our operator contacted local police. This resulted in arrest and a safer, more secure apartment community.

Let’s discuss your property’s unique security-related needs and develop and deploy a customized Stealth solution at a 25-60% more cost-effective price point than traditional security solutions. Contact us today!