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Live Monitoring And Your Auto Dealership

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 3, 2015

Car dealerships are one of many businesses with the most to gain from live security monitoring. Due to the likelihood of theft from the area and the value of the products, having a reliable live monitoring system is a must. Read on to discover more ways live monitoring can aid your dealership.

Real-Time Response

The ability to observe a crime or act of vandalism being committed and respond immediately is an invaluable asset for any company or business. This not only gives you time to confront the suspect before they have had time to vacate, but also provides you with recorded leverage to use against them if you must. Additionally, if you see someone acting suspicious it gives you the opportunity to prevent the crime from ever happening.


Unlike a security guard stationed in one place on the lot, live surveillance offers coverage of the entire property. You’ll never have to worry about it going on break, falling asleep on the job, or daydreaming. With cameras, electrical power and bandwidth your dealership can be fully covered.

Customer Peace Of Mind

Your customers will feel more secure while browsing when they see your surveillance system keeping a silent eye on the lot. Similarly, just the sight of the cameras alone is enough to send would-be criminals packing. Plus, it gives sales personnel a chance to observe what cars the customers are most interested in before going down to talk with them.

Video Evidence

If a crime does occur, whether during business hours or after closing, video surveillance will have it all on tape. This simple fact greatly increases the chance of the perpetrator being caught and brought to justice, as well as giving you the upper hand in any court proceedings which will take place afterward.

When deciding on a security measure for your lot or dealership, consider the benefits that live security monitoring can offer. Please contact Stealth Monitoring, the leader in live video surveillance, to learn more.